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We understand the needs of businesses. We have worked across the spectrum of businesses, from aviation to software-as-a-service. Whether filing a trademark, signing a joint venture with a factory in India, or defending your business in a lawsuit, we are here to help you.


Litigation is our bread and butter. We analyze your case and work zealously to prosecute or defend your case in state or federal court.


We draft contacts for every business need: Employment. Consulting. Intellectual Property. Acquistions. Leasing.

Business Lawyers

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Practice Areas


The core of our practice is litigation. We help you prosecute and defend cases in state and federal court.

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Drafting contracts is our specialty. No matter how complex, we can help put your contract together.

We are involved in all aspects of aviation, including aircraft registration, leasing, airline formation and certification.

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We work with businesses in Europe, Asia, and Africa. We can assist with joint ventures, import/export, and regulatory matters.

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Real Estate

The firm is involved with all aspects of real estate, including acquisition, investment, and management.

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Protecting your intellectual property through trademarks is an important and early business step. We can help you along the way.

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What Our Client's Say

Mr. Grant helped negotiate and draft a contract for construction of an airport in Ghana. He is an integral part of our expanding business in Africa, helping us to deal with the legal and regulatory hurdles involved in a global business.
Joseph Schoofs
World Aviator Group, Inc.
Mr. Grant helped us form a United States-based company and drafted a joint venture agreement with our American partner. He has been our General Counsel since 2015 and we count on him to ensure that our company is compliant with state, federal, and international regulatory matters.
Priyam Srivastava
LogixPlus Consulting Global, LLC

Registered Agents

Several clients have questions about the scope and role of a registered agent. Thus, this post summarizes the purpose and scope of a registered agent. Purpose of a Registered Agent A registered agent...

FinCEN Reporting Requirements

2024 FinCEN Reporting Requirements The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) is set to come into effect in January 2024. The CTA requires most legal entities, domestic and foreign, to disclose ownership...
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