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Our goal is meet the needs of business, across the spectrum of business. Whether you need a contract drafted or are involved in a lawsuit, we are your go to firm.

Our zeal and our passion about law and business is unmatched. We care about you and will represent you zealously in every aspect. Our success depends on your success.

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Practice Areas


The core of our practice is litigation. We help you prosecute and defend cases in state and federal court.


Drafting contracts is our speciality. No matter how complex, we can help put your contract together.


We are involved in all aspects of aviation, including aircraft registration, leasing, airline formation and certification.

Corporate Governance

We act as General Counsel and serve on the Board of Directors for several client companies.

Real Estate

The firm is involved with all aspects of real estate, including acquisition, investment, and management.


Protecting your intellectual property through trademarks is an important and early business step. We can help you along the way.


We work with businesses in Europe, Asia, and Africa. We can assist with joint ventures, import/export, and regulatory matters.

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